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Super Immune Support Bundle w/Free Vitamin C Plus

Super Immune Support Bundle w/Free Vitamin C Plus


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This is a product bundle to help with immune support and promote a healthy inflammation response.

The bundle contains:
EsseHerbal Tea – a detox tea consisting of 8 individually processed herbs and 72 organic trace minerals.

Curcumizyme – consists of Bromelain, Turmeric and Quercetin that helps support a healthy inflammation response and joint discomfort

Fenugreek Plus – supports lung health

You receive a FREE bottle of Vitamin C Plus!

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EsseHerbal Tea, Curcumizuyme, Fenugreek Plus and C Plus
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EsseHerbal Tea
· It’s an herbal tea concentrate now containing eight different herbs known to clear toxins from the blood and lymph. Also helps to support healthy blood sugar levels and supports healthy vital organs.
· It is based on the original Essiac formula (Renee Caisee and Dr Charles Brusch) with Sheeps Sorrel, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Burdock Root.
· Non-GMO product with three times the herbs of other Essiac inspired formula’s
· Difference to Essiac – EsseHerbal has the added Watercress, Cat’s Claw; Eleuthero (Ginseng), Red Clover Blossom to provide even more support also added seventy-two naturally chelated organic minerals for added overall health benefits
· Major difference with ours compared to other similar type products, is that each herb is prepared separately with specific temperatures to not compromise their individual benefits.

· Enzymatic formula helps support the body’s healthy response to inflammation and joint discomfort with ingredients of Bromelain, Turmeric and Quercetin.
· Cardiovascular Support: Studies show Curcumin has repairing properties that are able to repair the lining of blood vessels and keep the heart strong.
· Curcumizyme is dairy free encased with veggie caps
· Certified by Informed Sport making is “safer” for athletes and military personal in terms of testing for banned substances
· Digestive aid: when taken with food, the enzymes in curcumizyme will aid in digestion
· Helps reduce body discomfort from joint pain, due to curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties when taken on an empty stomach
· Synergy of the ingredients is what separates Curcumizyme from all other products on the market

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