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Autumn is here, and the season for street running, triathlons and other amazing sporting events has begun. That is why I decided to write this short article and briefly describe how to avoid overtraining and how to recognize its effects. These sports offer great benefits to our health, mind and body. However, overtraining can be just as bad as laziness and bring more harm than good to your overall health.   Patience Sports are addictive, which I know from autopsy :). We want to be better, faster, stronger, more durable or look like the person on the cover of a ...


I have wondered for a long time what to write about this first note. Life suggested many topics to me and I will definitely come back to all of those in time, as we should make time for all of them. Unfortunately, I have never been a master in writing briefly and succinctly on any topic I am passionate about. I will try to make sure that nobody falls asleep reading my scribbles;).   Water – It seems to me that I do not need to remind anyone of its chemical formula and the fact that it is the source ...

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