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Autumn is here, and the season for street running, triathlons and other amazing sporting events has begun. That is why I decided to write this short article and briefly describe how to avoid overtraining and how to recognize its effects. These sports offer great benefits to our health, mind and body. However, overtraining can be just as bad as laziness and bring more harm than good to your overall health.

Sports are addictive, which I know from autopsy :). We want to be better, faster, stronger, more durable or look like the person on the cover of a sports magazine. We begin to demand more and more from ourselves in less time. Regardless of whether you practice sport professionally or as an amateur – be patient! Patience is the key to success. The results from sports are not only from the selected training regimen but equally important elements that make up the final results are adequate regeneration (biological regeneration, sleep, stretching); technique of performed exercises; diet, hydration and supplementation.
Overtraining and its symptoms

After every major physical exertion we feel fatigue and this is a natural reaction of our bodies. Fatigue can, however, be divided into desirable and undesirable. Undesirable fatigue in sports literature is described as an overtraining type of fatigue, which is nothing but a rebellion of our body against overly intense training. The state of fatigue deepens during training, and a less experienced person may fall into the trap of an incorrectly performing an exercise with poor form. It is very important to never be confused with muscle pain (“soreness”), and injury because the overtraining fatigue will allow someone to confuse the soreness with pain. According to scientists there are 130 symptoms associated with this type of fatigue. I listed a few from each category which are the simplest to observe and are divided into physical and mental symptoms.
A) Physical symptoms:

-muscle and joint pain
-slower regeneration
-decrease in muscle strength and size
-decrease in motor features
-decreased appetite and problems with the digestive system
-weight loss
-irregular menstrual periods (women)

B) Mental symptoms:

-worse mood and apathy
-sleep disturbance
-reluctance to train
-decrease in self-esteem
-decrease in concentration

Sport should be a part of our lives, and it should be something to enjoy, to help us feel joy and satisfaction, not pain, mobility limitations or mental ailments. If you agree that everything in excess is harmful, you will definitely avoid overtraining. However, if you detect overtraining, it may be better to skip workouts until you start to feel better. Less drastic moves are: adjust and change your training plan, change your eating habits, improve your exercise techniques, planning and monitoring your recovery period/time : including breaks between workouts, and daily dose of sleep. You have to wait for the results and improvement in physical exercises/sport and it’s better to be patient than sorry.

Regards Gosia

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